Where Do I Start?

Let’s Talk Oils!

You just received your Premium Starter kit! You open the box and start smelling all of the wonderful aromas, and then it hits you, I don’t know what to do next!

Well first off your not alone I want to guide you through just a few steps that will guide in the right direction and make sure your first experiences with essential oils are amazing.

Why are some of these bottles white and others not?

White bottles labeled vitality are meant to be consumed internally.  These can also be used externally but are labeled, so you know these are safe to use.  In a glass container pop open that Lemon vitality oil and added one or two drops to a cold glass of water for a refreshing dash of flavor.

One of the first things you will realize about these little-treasured bottles is a little goes a long way.  In your starter kit, you should have received a roller ball top.  You can use this on any of the bottles but may I offer a quick suggestion? Try using it on the Panaway oil!

Lee and I use Panaway to support muscle recovery and sore muscles after hard workouts or mowing the lawn.  The sensation Panaway has on your skin would be similar to icy hot or ben gay.