Joy Erickson

Joy Erickson

Hello! I am Joy Erickson and have been a Young Living Distributor since 2014. I would love to connect with you and help you with any questions you may have!

Lee Erickson

Lee Erickson

Hey! I‘m Joy’s, Husband Lee. I was skeptical about oils at first but now wouldn’t want to live without them.

Why the name Forward?

Because that is the direction we are moving.  We are going to Evaluate our Experiences and move onward and upward. No More Backward thinking.

These are the values of Forward Essentials.  We know that God is our source and without him none of this is possible.  We want this to be a family business but we also emphasize time together. Heath, we are committed to the whole health of a person.  Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.  Character, we are people of loyalty and we are who we are.  We will not change.

Why Young Living?

We were tired of living below the wellness line.  So when we started to learn what essential oils could do for your overall physical health we decided we were going to give them a shot.  We believe that Young Living’s Standards are above reproach. Their Seed to Seal commitment gives us confidence in the products. We only want the best for our family and friends and Young Living give us that.  

We also believe in Young Living’s business structure.  This is a company that has been thriving for over 20 years and is getting stronger every day.  The company is run with integrity and class.  We are happy to represent them.

Why Do the Business?

We chose to pursue the business because of the opportunity it presents and because God led us to it.  We HATE seeing people live in poverty not just financially but in their health as well.  Sharing Young Living is not just about making money it is about getting people out of  poverty of health, poverty of finances, poverty of mindsets.  We want people to live “Whole” lives.  Young Living gives us the opportunity to help others do this.