Accidental Runner

Tammy & I at the Start

Accidental Runner? What do you mean Joy? Well what I mean is when I set out on my first run about 4 years ago I never intended to become someone that ran consistently or did “races”. Yet, the picture above is me at the start of a 15k (about 9.3 miles).

Running has become about conquering something bigger than myself. It has given me tangible goals to go after. Sometimes setting goals can be tough because they can seem so big or you are not sure where to start. Well, with running its black and white. You pick a race and you just start to run. You can go as fast or a slow as you need. There is no one to compete with other than yourself.

Honestly, if you think about life really is like that. We can pick a distance. Want to get out of debt? Find a program to help you budget and you are on your way. Want to start a business? Start learning how to sell it, whether it is a product or yourself. Want to organize your home? Pick a room and start throwing out trash. It is all about baby steps.

Yes, there are people out there that might seem to get to goals in record time or they might seem to not work at it at all. But, what we don’t see is the late nights, early mornings, tears shed and time it really has taken. So, get your eyes off of the others around you and look at yourself and do it for you.

I have continued to run for me. I love that it is something I can accomplish. I love that I have found new relationships through it. I love that I can inspire people through it. And, though I can’t say that I jump out of bed with the burning desire to get out there. I can say that I love that I have pushed myself to get better.

So here’s to the next mile. Here’s to picking the distance. And Here’s to the baby steps you are going to take to get to that goal. You will be running at full stride before you know it.

Jenn and I Finished
I did it