Today we continue our series on chemicals.  Today, we are going to talk about the one that affects me the most.  Well,  I should say I can tell when it is affecting me.  That chemical is Fragrance.


According to the EWG, in an article dated February 2, 2010, some 3,163 ingredients hide behind the word fragrance.

Some of you may know that when you see the word FRAGRANCE… that means potential chemicals. The cosmetic, cleaning and candle industries often list Fragrance as an ingredient.

The IFRA – (International Fragrance Association) decided to publish an alphabetical list of ingredients that its members reportedly use to make consumer products.

Google it…

You may not realize that it is affecting you, but let’s think about it.  Have you ever been walking in a store and you get to the household cleaning isle and the smell just hit you in the face.  Or, do any of you have that family member that wheres so much cologne it makes you sneeze.  Is there a lotion that your co-worker uses that you can smell from 3 or 4 cubicles away?  That my friend is synthetic fragrance to the max.

Here are a couple articles that I have found.

So what can we do to keep ourselves limited in the amount of fragrance that we come in contact with?  Well the first baby step is to get it out of our home.  So here are a couple ideas and products you can get from Young Living.

Desert Mist Diffuser –  Use this and ditch all of the plug in’s at your home.  It is safe and will get the amazing properties of Young Living’s Essential Oils into the air.

Thieves Household Cleaner – Use this and ditch all of the cleaning products that are not only loaded with synthetic fragrance but other harmful chemicals. This product works on all surfaces and is SUPER cost effective.  One bottle gives you about 14 bottles of cleaner it comes out to about $1.50 a bottle.  Much cheaper than your store bought products.

Sensation Essential Oil – I personally just discovered this oil.  I love the smell.  It is a great replacement for perfume I used to wear. All you need is a Perfume Atomizer from Amazon and you are all set. For the men in your life check out Shutran Essential Oil.  Ladies its better than any cologne my husband used to wear.

Again.  It is all about baby steps. I would love to help get you started.

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