Today we are going to keep it short and to the point.  Today we are talking about Aluminum.


This one you should have heard about… the concerns of this have been around for a LONG time…

Known as a skin irritant and is linked (again do your research!! Make your OWN decisions) to nerve damage, brain disorders (mainly Alzheimer’s disease) and Breast cancer.

Found in antiperspirants/deodorants and vaccinations.

Don’t shoot the messenger here. Educate yourself and I encourage you to evaluate your chemical exposure. That’s all… just take a good look… check the EWG or the EPA..

Now, the key to this whole series that we have been doing is BABY STEPS.  The first baby step to getting this one out of your home.  Is ditching the antiperspirant. Look… I get it… no one wants to smell, let alone have those ever so telling pit stains.  I myself am a sweater (no not the kind you wear). I am that person who, growing up would put on some deodorant and by the time I was to school or to work I had already sweat through my clothes.  It was embarrassing.  But, looking back at the products I used to use to stop my body from sweating, I wish I had someone tell me the affects that they could possibly have on my future.  I have ditched the antiperspirants for good.  I now get just a plain old deodorant.  There are some amazing products out there.  Here are a few our family has tried.  All have worked great for us.

Tom’s of Main Unscented Long Lasting Deodorant

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

PiperWai – 

Young Living also has their own as well.

Meadow Mist

Mountain Mist

Both smell fantastic.

Needless to say there are plenty of options to help you take this baby step of getting aluminum out of your daily care routine.

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