Formaldehyde (yep you read that right)

Not gonna lie friends… This one is a DOOZEY!

Here goes.

Formaldehyde… This is a KNOWN carcinogen and recognized as such by the Cancer Institute.

Exposure can cause eye irritation, asthmatic response, skin irritations, headaches and nausea.

LONG TERM EFFECTS include cancer and possibly leukemia. Although products generally contain small amounts, when this chemical is used in many common EVERYDAY household items in addition to being present in our wood, sheetrock (drywall) and furniture, our exposure adds up. #longtermtoxicity

Here’s the kicker. This isn’t an easy ingredient to find. It’s not as easy as looking for the word “formaldehyde”… it is often listed as it’s fragmented name. Ready for this…

Found in: baby shampoo, pet shampoo, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, sunblock, cosmetics, baby wipes, bubble bath, toothpaste, bar soap, project glue, construction adhesive, fireboard, duroc, plywood, paneling and more.

Watch for these fragmented ingredients containing formaldehyde: Bisphenol A, Melamine, Tosylamide, Sodium hydroxymethane sulfonate, Phenolic resin, Phenol, glycidyl ether. To name a few.

Now, as I have said before.  I know the world we live in.  I know that the possibility of staying away from all harsh chemicals is probably impossible.  But again, we can control what comes into our homes. It starts with just looking at the labels. It starts with the baby steps of ditching and switching.   So,  here are a few more of Young Living’s Products that you can get to replace some of the above.

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Pet Shampoo – Pet’s are just as susceptible as we are to these harsh chemicals.  Young Living’s pet line will make sure your furry friends stay safe as well.

Reach out if you have any questions.  I would love to link arms and help you take your first steps in to a life free of harsh chemicals.