Have you ever experienced a slap in the face?  I have.  There a three steps to it.

  1. Surprise – (most of the time you do not see them coming)
  2. Pain.
  3. The sting afterward that slowly goes away.

These face slaps can not only happen physically but they can happen emotionally too.  They are the disappointments in life.

  • The job you thought you had and didn’t
  • The friend that gossips about you
  • The bounced check that you didn’t see coming
  • The enrollment you didn’t get in your Network Marketing Company
  • The sickness that takes a family member suddenly
  • The failing grade on a test
  • The party no one came too

There are many more. It is what you do in the midst of disappointment that matters.  What are you going to learn from these slaps?  Are you going to sit and focus on the stinging on your face or are you going to keep moving forward and not let it get you down?

God has HUGE plans for everyone.  The devil does not like these plans and comes to steal kill and destroy them.  It is up to us to cling to God in these moments.  Stay focused on what he has called you to, and TRUST.

I recently did 21 days of prayer and fasting with a group of people. During this time the word that I kept hearing and reading over and over was. TRUST.

I had no idea how much I was going to need to do that.  About a week into this fast, I had a disappointment in my business that I never saw coming.  I won’t lie.  Today it slapped me again.  HARD.  But, I had to make the decision to not let the devil win this one.  The immediate mind games and tears that came over me made me mad.

  • I know that I am better than what my feelings say.
  • I know that God has a higher purpose for me.
  •  I know that HE has my back and has a plan.

So,  I texted a few people for prayer.  (I love my community.), and I went to church.  I worshiped God with my whole heart. The songs today, I will just say it seemed as if they were picked just for me. “No Longer Slaves” and “The Great I AM“, being two of them.   Then our Pastor’s message was all about searching the heart and showing God all your secrets and laying them at an altar so that He can heal them.

 “He cannot heal what you do not give him” -Kevin Kringel.

So, that is what I did.  I went to the altar.  I wrote down my pain of the past.  Not just the pain from this new hurt.  But also…

The pain of being the kid that just wanted someone to notice me and give me a chance.

The pain of not feeling like I am leadership material.

The pain of people telling me that “You’re not trustworthy.”

The pain of not being enough for others.

The pain of making financial mistakes.

I filled the little piece of paper up on both sides.  And with that, I put this hurt down again and made the decision to move FORWARD.

I know deep down inside that the Devil will try to bring it all back up again.  I know that he will try to plant these seeds again without me seeing him.  But, now I am ready to continue to look inward make sure my mindset is right and take care of my heart.  And not let “False Truths” be my Truth.

Lee and I named our businesses FORWARD for a reason.  It is our constant reminder that it is the only direction we want to go.

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