There are a couple ways to get Young Living Products into your home.

  1. Buy them from a local Young Living Distributor at Retail
  2. Get your own Young Living Wholesale Membership

What does the wholesale membership get you?  Savings!  You automatically get 24% off retail of all of Young Living’s Products.  Heck I only get 5% off at Target and I have a debit and credit card.  So 24% off is HUGE!  You also get access to exclusive educational groups and online communities that not only help you use your products the best way and get the most out of them, but are there to support and uplift you in ALL areas of your life.  I have personally received some amazing lasting friendships due to joining this company as a member.  Lastly, you have the ability to join Essential Rewards.  Young Living “Monthly Subscription Box” I like to call it.  It is customizable and you pick what is inside each month.  Doing this earns you points toward product as well so soon that Laundry Detergent you buy and the Toothpaste you get can turn into FREE (yes I said Free) makeup.  

Young Living calls its members “distributors” but that doesn’t mean you are locked into selling anything unless you want to enjoy the perks of a Young Living business.  Once you purchase your starter kit you are not required to purchase products every month or committing to ever sell anything.

If you are interested in selling essential oils it’s easy to start! I believe once you receive your oils and start using them every day you won’t be able to stop talking about them and naturally people are going to ask how to get them.  THIS IS HOW YOU CAN GET YOUR OILS FOR FREE!  Simply by sharing your experience and telling your oil story people will want to sign up and when they do you can earn enough money to pay for your oils. Awesome right?