Slique Weight Loss!

The results are in! I lost over 38 pounds during the Slique in 120 challenge put on by Young Living (Now I am at over 40 total pounds lost!).  This challenge put a little fire under my feet to get serious about losing weight.  I am so thankful it did. On top of the weight loss, I have my first Half Marathon under my belt. And am now training for some upcoming trail runs and I am more motivated than ever!  Many have asked me about my physical transformation.  That’s what this post is about!

The Slique system is a complete weight loss system, it’s designed to support healthy eating, and promotes a healthy gut.  The significant part of this system is it can work with a lot of different diets.  I found the following worked well for me on a low carb diet.

Slique Products I used
Physical Support
Emotional Support


  1. Purchase the Kit
  2. Select Member (It’s like Cost Co but better, because as long as you spend $50 a year, your membership stays active)
  3. Select your Kit – Premium or Basic
  4. Sign up for Essential Rewards  – Customize your kit (You can cancel at any time – This will earn you points for free products!)
  5. Under healthy and fit select Slique
  6. Add the Slique Products
  7. Finish signing up!
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